Visual IVR for smartphones

Visual IVR brings the power of smartphones to the accessibility and convenience of card payment over the telephone.

Visual IVR on Smartphones

Smart-phones are becoming the device of choice, surpassing both laptops and desktop computers, for many people when it comes to accessing the internet. Whether they are searching  for information, or carrying out online transactions, consumers are using their phone device. Visual IVR, optimised for smart-phones  provides another useful channel through which your customers can interact with your business.

Payment Infrastructure

Enabling customers to use a smart-phone for payment is a vital part of modern customer service strategy.

Because a payment application requires significant integration with existing back-end business systems for Identification and Verification (ID&V), as well as, integration with payment service providers(PSP), re-using all this infrastructure to quickly deliver a visual IVR based card payment solution is good business practise as well as good customer service.

Powerful Customer Self-Service

Modern customer service is all about offering choice in the way business interacts with their customers. Presenting an existing IVR interface, visually using the power of modern phones, while at the same time integrating seamlessly with all your existing back-end processes, is an excellent customer service initiative.  Customers have another interface option and the business leverages existing tried and tested back-end processes.

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